Saturday, August 23, 2008

Monday, August 11, 2008

Down With People

After a long summer of editing 3 months on this project alone..Pierre, Justin, and I finally exported the master timeline to go to coloring. Here is what she looks like.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

One Last Race

I have to leave CA soon and I really wanted to go to the races again. Del Mar. Last time is was there my camera ran out and i had to shoot all the photos on my phone. This time i brought the camera. The best thing about the races is by far the people watching. This time was no different. Amazing people everywhere. There are a couple shots in here I am really proud of.
To start off with, this is my favorite photo i have taken in about a year. Holy shit. This is pretty much zero color correction. The birds just happened to be there as well. This was a happy old guy reading the program to the races.
We got there and had 3 races to get busy. I really only got busy wasting money. 8$ a beer. Damn.

Im never around farm stuff so i was pretty stoked on tractors/
This shot of the bugle/ trumpet guy came out extra artsy.
The races have all types of people. Yuppies for example.
Also, dudes that have cool mustaches.
Also, dudes that have forks for sunglasses.

On the way back to the car i saw this cool people mover. I cant wait till next year.

Yummy Eggrolls

Anyone that has been to the Saloon in Encinitas know all about the Eggroll lady. She comes up to you 12 times a night and says, "you want eggg rohhhh"....NO i dont want and Egg Rohhh. I am at the bar drinking. Leave me alone..HA

Friday, August 1, 2008


Last night was the annual X-Games circus big air show. I wanted to puke. Give me a break, what does this have to do with skateboarding. The skateboards are 9 inches wide. VERT is DEAD.
I dont even really have a comment, guy in the sky?

Oh Danny, im so glad i beat you. Now i can build and even bigger MEGA ramp at my house.