Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Late Nights

After the Minnesota trip I came back to SLC thinking we might not be getting that much stuff done....I was so wrong...we have been doing stuff daily and nightly...been such a good season so far!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The MidWest

Since the new MDP site isnt live yet i guess i will be posting my works blogs here for a bit. We just got back from our first trip of the season..It went really really well...I actually cant believe how well it went. It was a better trip that we usually ever have in the beginning of the season.
1st thing 1st, Jordan needed a hammer shot so we made him ollie this hurdle...freakin nuts

We then made little Joe Sexton jump off a building. This didnt work out quite as well as we wanted it too and he ended up dying on one of his attempts
In Minnesota it was cold as you can tell by the ice lips Jordan is rocking
This building was named Thompson, I took a photo of it to show Ryan he officially have a building in the midwest
We found this really good cut off rail. Jon Handled it
Joe caught up on whats going on in VIBE these days

Andy was there taking photos and I was there taking photos of him

I was waiting for the guys to set up so i took a self portrait

We spent alot of time touring around the city looking at every warehouse and building there was.

After looking, we found.

Then we went to eat.

Friday, December 14, 2007

A Room With A View

I was looking through some old photos today and i found this one..I took this on the day i moved out....I dont think i will ever have an amazing view as this one....i woke up everyday in awe....I love Colorado....its home.

Welcome Home

We just got back from a really good rail trip in the midwest and I was lucky enough have about 20 military guys on my plane on their way back from Iraq. It was really cool...the people on the plane cheered for these guys a couple times and let them know how thankful we are that they are fighting for us.I saw this family sitting here, so so so happy that they were together again. It made me feel amazing. The little boy was freaking out cause his dad was home. I wish i could have taken more photos.