Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sometimes Ya Gotta Race

If there is one thing that NASCAR fans, drivers, and crew are siked about its NASCAR. Everyone seemed so into it. Usually when you go to sporting events it seems like half the people there dont really care. Thats definitely not the case here. Everyone takes its as serious as possible and is so amped to be a part of it.

Some washed up singer gave the national anthem. Can't remember who exactly but all I remember is they were big in the 80's....All the crews paused for the anthem and exploded into cheers when the Navy flew 2 F18's over the track.

The race got under way. My initial thoughts were...It was loud. Really damn loud and alot faster than i expected. Fontana is the fastest track in the NASCAR circuit....Hitting speeds of 206mph.............................. No this wasn't Pastrana's car.

The pit crews were in full action. Everyone playing their part.

After the 1st round of tires came off the car the entire crew inspects them to get some insight into how the car is preforming and what adjustments need to be made. Even Chad Knaus came down from the tower to check out his driver, Jimmie Johnson's tires.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Not the Pits

Had an amazing opportunity this weekend to hit the NASCAR race in Fontana, CA. Many of you know I've wanted to hit a race for some time now and luckily my friend Bryan knew the right folks and got us the best tickets humanly possible. I dont usually blog multiple photos from one event but this was too good to pass up.When I heard that we had pit/garage passes I guess I didn't really realize how good these tickets actually were. You could basically walk anywhere. Such a good way to take in a race.

Apparently NASCAR just switched over to this new system to fuel the cars. Each pit stop uses one of these canisters. Fuel goes in-air goes out. Minimal fuel spills.

No one had a problem with cameras out. Even 10 minutes before the race.

While heading from the pits to the track each car had some sort of emblem from their main sponsor on the hood. These were removed before go time.

The pit crews def take their jobs extremely seriously. It was common to see the teams stretching, meditating, and getting into gametime mode.

Everyone had such a relaxed vibe. There was minimal security and everyone seemed to be loving what they were doing. Part 2 coming tomorrow.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Aspen Lifey's

Jussi and I were bored in Aspen a while back and found an old chairlift to shoot a couple quick shots at...After talking some classic rich Aspen dude out of kicking us out we got a couple shots we were pleased with.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Less than 24 in London

Had one night of fun in London a while back and never really had a chance to post the photos. The guys from Red Bull London took us out and showed us such a good time which included chicks dancing around with sparklers...

Then somehow the sparklers went away and the techno jams came on??.

Euro disco mania was in full effect.

And we caught a much needed cab home.

The next day we drove by Buckingham palace and witnessed this guy reading while scooting.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Roadside Dancing

On the way up to Cypress for the Olympics last winter we stopped to take a couple group shots. Vito was the DJ of our car and decided to play some Miley Cyrus jams....I guess road workers in Canada love Miley Cyrus as much as Lago did and they began their dance party.

This actually went on for about 3 minutes...

Everyone was laughing their asses off.

The focus was definitely lacking for the group shot we stopped for-everyone still wanted to be dancing!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Once in a while...

The filmers/photogs get to snowboard.....and its damn fun...

Sharon and I had been talking about hitting this cat track gap all week and finally we got a chance to do so. As did a couple of the other guys from Northstar crew...

Sharon was throwing mean methods all day.

It actually wasn't as soft as it looks...3 inches of new on super hard pack....Glad I got to send it a few times though...thanks for shooting Blotto!

A Few Contests

Swung by Hannah's families house the other day to pick up my camera and had to snap a shot of the massive collection of credentials her and her brothers have acquired over the years...

A few more than most

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Tuesday Drive

Alex, Amanda, Gabi and I caravanned down to Stratton last week for the Open...I always love this drive since most of Vermont is still extremely quaint and very few strip malls exist. We had a nice lunch in this cool little colonial town and Gabi and Alex decided to do a couple shots of Sambuca.....didnt think people really drank that.

As we were driving up the road to Stratton we began seeing how covered everything was in ice. The tree's were in bad shape. Many were severely damaged and cracked.

This tree however, wasn't. I wish I could have gotten closer to shoot this photo but my shoes were filled up with snow and I was quickly over it.

Since my shoes were already wet I thought I might as well get them a little wetter and climbed through the sloppy muck to check out this old train car. Pretty random for sure.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Burlington Blizzards

Last week we woke up to 2ft of new snow in Burlington.....For a city used to cold weather they didnt seem to be able to handle the snow very easily.....The place was a mess....Nothing was plowed, cars stuck everywhere and...

A perfect opportunity for Gabi and I to ride snowboards around town and shoot some random stuff....

And catch a sunset on Lake Champlain

Monday, March 14, 2011

Brothas from Different Mothers

One of the best things about contests like the US Open is getting to see your good friends from all over the world. Sani shot this photo while everyone was hanging watching The Sounds....Such a good group of dudes.

Or going on film trips in general...

Always such a good time..and its not often its the same crew. Always keeping things fresh and exciting......Jeremy killed it on these 2 shots.

Victory Lap

Kazu won the US Open for the second time in a row and pointed the entire halfpipe for his victory lap....In post Open interviews he said the reason he did so was to show reverence for his homeland- Japan. One of the coolest things I've seen in a while.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stratton Team House

Burton young buck Tim-Kevin decided to show the guys a facebook photo of his new girlfriend....The crew gave him so much shit...Hilarious

Papa Grilo

Grilo and I went out into the harsh elements of Vermont last night to shoot this photo idea I had....Didn't work out totally how I wanted since most of the ice had blown off the trees in the 40mph winds....We still had some fun with long exposures and who doesn't like freezing their ass off in an east coast forest in the middle of the night.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Justin just finished up a Sony shoot with Andy Mac...Kind of funny...Apparently it was an action shoot but there needed to be a set of Sony ipod speakers in every shot?He said Andy was super cool and basically landed everything he tried.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Since summer is only a couple months away...

Shaun decided he better start practicing his back lips...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

French Meadow

If Blotto could eat every meal of the day at French Meadow he would. I probably would too, actually either there or Taco Bell.