Monday, July 30, 2007

What friends are made of

Here is a copy of this years Two Nine Photo....Like i said before...My brother takes good photos.

Where I'm From

I just got back to VA/DC and lets just say nothing has changed. Everyone still loves beers, skating, and russian propaganda....I used to live on this side of the best country ever for 5 months a year but now i cant really do that anymore so i get to see these guys rarely...They never visit.
Ahh, the lovely sight of Dulles....
We then went to an Orioles game. It was super fun. They played the Yankees
The next day I went to Freedom Plaza aka Pulaski by myself..This is the best skatespot in the U.S. Its kind of a bust and you will get ur board taken once in a while but its worth it.
Somehow everyone back home got into bonging beers...I guess since no one was a jock in high school everyone is catching up.

Tyler and Brenden lending a hand.

This is one of my best friends in the world for better or worse...Art Lisi...He's a blacksmith. He also has a new daughter. Its kind of weird when ur friends start to have kids.
Brad, Riley, and I....I already look dead from drinking and its only about 3pm. This mayhem continued all night long. I met Brad when i was 15.
Every year on July 29th we have a huge skate session and bbq..all the boys fly in....this is the 14th year in a row and only the second time its rained all day.
This is Dinger. He once came in the backcountry in CO with us. It was amazing...He actually hit the jump we were filming on too.
Sean Obrien brought an amazing potato gun. We all popped off a couple shots.
I love this photo of the Iceman Brimba.
My mom and dad came and hung out with us.
When then played our annual game of skate in the rain...Im so glad i barrowed someones board.
Peter and Rory were announcing. Zach Lyons took the title.
Art and I then drove downtown to the dinner that Tony and Dev set up....thanks dudes.
This is where our dinner was. It was amazing.
On our way to the Red Scare show we drove past the national mall.
Art looked amazing in his Red Scare outfit....For those of you that dont know, the Red Scare is our Russian Propaganda band....I couldnt make it back in time to play this year....Tony did an amazing job filling in.
At the end of the night Art decided to play guitar on the side of the street in a not so nice neighborhood....nothing happened and i dont think it was his guitar anyway....Today ruled...thanks to everyone that set it up.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Ships, Bowling, and Whole Foods.

I just got back from Whole Foods and spent 8$ on mac and cheese...I was so bummed when i got to the counter...I could have bought so many better things than Mac and Cheese...oh well...anyway, I took some photos i was stoked on today...for those reason i am obsessed with container ships and ships in general...these big ass ships can go 45mph...I know-Random!
There is such a sick seaport right near Danielles house. I took some shots here today.I was worried about getting hassled cause of the terror threat and all that.
We went bowling last night with a bunch of the K2 dudes and dudettes. It was awesome.
A month ago i was driving across this bridge in Seattle and I got a speeding ticket for 250 dollars...I was going the exact same speed as every other car. The fat cop was in such a hurry to pull someone else over that he threw the ticket in my window and ran back to his motocycle. The ticket blew out the window and off of the bridge..I should have written him a littering ticket.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Ive been spending a bunch of time in Seattle this year, my girlfriend lives here. Anyway, Ive been bummed on this place cause i havent found any really good skateparks and since it rains every single day, even in the summer, skating outside is not an option..I must have been blind or stupid or something...I went to one of the best parks i have been too in a long time here yesterday..its called Skatebarn and for some reason in the summertime its free..and its 15 min from where Danielle lives
Its hard to focus on one thing when you have all this in front of you.
Here is a random photo of a garbage truck that i took the other day. The guy driving wasent to stoked i was taking photos of him.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Getting the Hell Out!

I finally left San Diego and came back to good old Utah....kind of...I was there for a day and now im in Seattle....Anyway, i took some pretty cool photos along the trip..
I saw this amazing site right off the bat...This is simply amazing and i wish more people would do random hilarious stuff like this.
I also wanted to pull over and take photos of things along this drive..this time i did.

Its pretty awesome how close SLC is to the Ocean..10hrs is not that bad.
I was thinking that i would be really cool to just take one of these roads and just go with it.
I found this huge mirrior driving down the road
At this point i was getting back to Zion I mean Utah...It started to wierder anbd wierder the closer i got to Provo. Its pretty amazing how much the church controls this state.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Telecine.Los Angeles

We went to LA yesterday to color correct our new film. It was soo made me wish i had gotten into Hollywood stuff when i was younger. My friend Laurel from college came and hung out.
On our way up we drove past Compton...I didnt see Dr.Dre or Ice Cube. I was bummed.
I did see the worst/best graff ever...I guess they have SAT in LA.
We sat in traffic for hours. Welcome to LA.
We finally got there.This is the Telecine/ color correction computer...its costs 2 million bucks. It was so worth it..It makes the digi blend with the 16 so much better. $350 an hour.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

5th Time's a Charm

Not too long ago a bunch of us when to this bar in Seattle that had this glass wall with water pouring down it. I instantly thought that it would be rad if someone stuck there face up against it and we got a shot. My friend Lance Hakker did just that. It took 5 tries to get tha shot....needless to say, Lance got a little wet


We didnt have any problems finding our way back to the hotel....what is the world coming too?
The cars in Europe are completly amazing.... this car could easily fit into the bed of a F-350....or...can you imagine what would happen if and F-350 hit this poor little guy....I think my Harley is bigger that least he found a spot!.
Danielle and I waited in line at the Vatican for 2 hours at least...This super annoying Chinese chick was talking for 2 hours straight really really loud next to was soooo annoying....anyway....I like when the simplest photo comes out really cool...
We came across this road somewhere in the middle of Tuscany..I didnt get to see what was at the end.

Monday, July 16, 2007

A little about snowboard movies!

Im pulling my hair out right now because our movie is done and we just got an email saying that we cant use one of the songs that one of our main parts i edited too...we have to have all the music liscenced...which means paying the record label a ton of money for each song when we could have just used it for free...its like giving them money for nothing...and were not trying to get Guns n Roses were trying to get small bands...this has happened 3 times now...all on parts that i have edited...FUCKKK...Im gonna go download like 10 albums illegally right now, burn them to CD's and sell them on the corner

She hates this photo

This photo was taken in Newark, NJ. At this point we had been awake for at least 40hrs...We didn't wanna leave Italy.We were sad:(

The reason i have a blog

I wanted to start a blog site for a couple reason....the main reason was so that i had a little record of my crazy and hectic life...the 2nd was for a place to put the cool photos that i have been taking (i think they are cool anyway).....

I took this photo after a fun night in Milan, Italy with Danielle, Filippo, and my new friend Yan.

In Milan, Louie Vutton and McDonalds are side by side.
I wonder what Giselle would have thought if she saw this poor guy sleeping under her ad...This photo made me think...its kind of ironic..

Independence Day

I spent the afternoon of the 4th at the Encinitas BRO fest beach...i really enjoyed it at first but then dudes started fighting at it got stupid......amongst all of the jockism i took this photo which i think is me it sums up living in our amazing country. Back in DC on the 4th was absolutly the best time of the year...those who took part in the festivites know exactly what im talking about.

Miami Vice

Some of my new friends dragged me to the funnest party in a long long time the other night...everyone had their dancin shoes on....yes, it was an 80's party......San Diego is so damn fun.....except there are 0 good skateparks.
This is Jardine and I looking amazing....yes im claiming amazing!...I had a mesh blue collared shirt on.
We rode in a RV of some sort to get there...not the safest idea when everyone is packing waterbottles full of RBV's
This is one of my favorite photos in a little tells a story of a dance party in the USA.