Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm sore.

After the longest day of skateboarding in 5 years we were tired. We decided to get some food and we needed a day off. We ended up partying till 5am. Not the best way to rest. Anywayyyyy.

Outside the bar we went too there was a cool courtyard thing.
And a really cool church steeple
We walked through this alley and i didnt even notice the skull that is under this thing.
We ate Tapas, it means; tops.....The spanish would cover their beers with little plates(tops) so flies wouldn't enter their beer. On these plates so small portions of food. Things have changed a little, but that is the idea behind Tapas.

The next day we woke up and decided to be tourists. Clark W Sterbo was the tourguide for the day.This is the Sagrada Familia. Its a church designed by Gaudi that has been under construction for 200 years...They are finally planning on finishing it in 2020 or so. Its pretty surreal
While walking around the church hungover Drew spotted a San Miguel sign. We were thirsty so we decided to get one.

Clark W lead us to another feature designed by Gaudi. The guy was good at what he did.We then walked through the University of Barcelona campus. We wanted to check this skate spot out but too many people were sitting on it.

Walking down the street we spotted this lonley spot.
It started raining so we entered the cathedral. There was a wedding going on. It was such a cool place for a wedding.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This should explain it.

The skate day continued. At this point we really saw how good the spots actually were there. Seriously, around every corner there is something amazing.
Barcelona is known for using banks in construction. They use them ALOT. A perfect hill to bomb, with perfect banks the whole way down. What?At the end of the long banks is a hip that is damn hard to skate. Sterbenz had no problemo.
Pre session photo.
Next we came to the spot i wanted to go to most of all...Its the worlds most perfect benches along the Mediterranean Coast. SO perfect. I want to get married to this spot. Skate, then lay on the beach with cerveza's....heaven.

After skating the worlds most perfect benches we came to Fondo. This is a pretty famous spot. The main hips have been skateproofed but the fountain is soooooo good. There is metal that runs along the top of the banks. You can skate it like a spine. My 2nd favorite spot of the trip.This spot would have been fun,.

We skated down to this thing Sergie wanted to show us.
He dropped in. We didnt.
Lastly, we went to the 1st skatepark in Barcelona. Not really a skatepark. We wanted to go there to skate the bump over the rail.We were surprised at how far it was. Meaning. You had to push you ass off to get speed. None of us were up to it after skated all day. Either that or it was just scary.

We skated down to street to fun some cervezas and Sergie did a rock to fakie on another obstacle obviously made for skating.

Monday, October 27, 2008

One of my favorite days.

Like i said before. This trip has been a dream ever since i can remember. Basically just getting to skate some of the best spots ever. Alot of spots. Matt's buddy Sergie (from Camp of Champs) was able to show us around all day. Sergie is from Badalona, Spain....a town a few miles from Barcelona. It turns out many of the spots that everyone calls Barcelona are actually in Badalona. We would have never gotten to skate these spots if it wasent for Siergie and his wife Eva. Thanks guys. We'll never forget it.
The day started with a sunrise.

Then i walked by a cool park. A side note; One thing i have noticed in Europe is how much older folks love to just sit down and watch the world go by. Its something you dont see in the States very often. I dont know why this is. Everytime i come back i notice this. Does that mean we need to stop and smell the roses more, maybe. There is something really cool about an old couple just sitting down on a bench and watching people for an hour or two.Something cooler though is the 1st spot we went too. Holy shit. I cant believe this place exists. the tops of the hips are metal too. they grind perfecto.Sergie put his fisheye on my cam and got artsy.
Next to the blue hips was this spot. It's at a shopping mall that hasent opened yet. Workers were setting up lights for the grand opening while we were there, so we couldnt skate it. There are perfect hips like this all the way around the building. Only in Barcelona i tell you. AMAZING.
After warming up at one of the best spots ever we got in the car and continued the tour.Sergie drove. He was the best skate tour guide a man could ever have.
We then swung by this spot. Its been in a couple vids. Malto and Rod Tex had some stuff on the bleachers on the left recently.....cont.

There is a Forum premier?

On night 3 or 4 we found out that Forums new shred flick was premiering and some of our SLC friend are gonna be in town....that means, party. Before we went to the premier we got in a session at the most famous spot in Barcelona currently, MACBA.
Whenever in Europe around every corner is a cool old church. A little different looking that the SLC cinderella temple.
This is MACBA. You are allowed to skate here every night after 7. Its filled with perfect ledges, manny pads and super good ground. Many people, not skaters, hang out here and drink beers with there friends all night. Its such a cool environment. This is the main ledge. SO SO good. Better than 99% of spots in the US.
The Forum premier was on the water front. Beers were 5 euros each.
Pat and Stevie were here. They had just got done with a bus premier tour. We tried to get them to stay and skate with us. They couldnt. They sure missed out.People smoke weed in the club. Kind of wierd for American standards. This photo reminds me of a rap video.
The premier went off. So many kids. So much fun.
Drew and Fabia were sitting in the VIP room. Fabia bought 3 bottles of liquor at 150euro each. Damn!.
VIP room shot
I walked home alone. Kind of got lost. I did get this photo thought that i really like.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

After a long day of skating...

Beers were in order...we hung out in front of one of the spots for a bit and i got a chance to test this camera a little more. Slow shutter speeds are fun in the city environment.

We end up at this little cafe bar. Drew and I ask for "dos grande cerveza, por favor" this is what we got. These beers are 2 liters each. Of course we couldnt let them get warm so we were forced to chug...I actually drank the whole thing without peeing. WOW. Drew was not so lucky. He puked 3/4 of the way through and still manged to finish. Yumm.

Alot bigger than your normal beer

We then bombed some hills.
The next day i was awoken and ordered to the beach. Drew and I were hurting.
The architecture in Barcelona is insane.Lisa and Matt did really well at the beach. It was definatley time for another cervezaAfter the beach we walked back to the hotel to get ready to skate...