Monday, September 29, 2008

Life of the Party

Here is one of the gems that Justin took the other night at the Oakley party with Ming and Ping. More to come....

For some reason i really like how this photo came out...pretty natural, tells a story....they dont call them the Sterbo's for no reason.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

We didnt wanna see Ikea anymore.

Drew, Ellie and I went to Ikea. It sucked. We saw at least 10 pregnant Mormons under 25 and I bought a hot dog as usual.
Im fucking handsome and so is Drew

Also, Ellie had been looking for a new bedroom set. She found one!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Look

I imagine this is how Andy is gonna look when the Redskins beat the Steelers. What a case of the blues.

1st sip, EVER

My roomate Rick had a Red Bull Cola the other day for me to sample...It tasted like the shitty Pepsi mixed with jolt.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

95 degrees, Beer, Football

We had a dreamteam cast at the Redskins game Sunday...So fun turning into jocks for a day.Beers were a usual 8 dollars. Im so glad im rich.

This awesome little kid was flossing his heavyweight belt.

This is Aimee's 1st skins game. She partied like a champ.I randomly ran into the Chief...He is the Skins Mascot. I was siked...He must have been freakin hot in that sweet suit

Peter didnt handle to booze or the heat too well...He was asleep mid way through the 4th quarterRory led the cheering in our section...This is after we just won..Such a good time.

Lets Meet Mr. Edwards

My friend Susan painted this fresh picture of her Dad on her wall...Since we already met Professor Snake, I thought....Why not meet Mr. Edwards.....I dont really have much to say other than once Susan and I got arrested together and I walked into the court room and Mr. Edwards was giving me the worst look ever. I dont blame him. Because of me his daughter spent 30 hours in Washington DC jail. Sorry Susan. It was Daves fault. "Run"

Lets Meet Professor Snake

This is Professor Snake, P Snake for short...he is the Dad of some of my best friends back home...Anyway, he made the music for the Cosby Show back in the day and then played keyboard in The Rattler.....when i used to go over to Art and Tonies house he would answer the door and say "What do you want, Faggot" . It was amazing!....I love this guy, he hates me though. We just went to the Redskins game together, it was sooooo rad.

Boozing with Skylar

This is what it looked like.

Friday, September 12, 2008


We had a nice little day at the pool the other day. Some scarey/amazing photos came out of are a couple of my fav's.
Runke and Marius wanted me to take a photo of them....HAHAHAHA....Holy shit, okay.
Life doesnt get easier.

Premier Night#2_TWS

Joe, Corey, and Gary's premier was night was at some stationary wave place....It was a crazy place to have a premier but turned out really fun regardless...The best thing was the people surfing the wave that actually thought they were really really good? The ocean is one block away, i dont get it

Aweeee, corey and joe look so cute....nice work dudes.

Java looks so sophisticated drinking his cosmo. Must have been an open bar to be ordering drinks like this.
This was the stationary wave thing, this chick is pro
Joe and Lucas were playing sting was amazing

Pierre decided to watch the movie with Joes folks....they were awesome....pure new yorkers...their 1st question to me..."oh, your from DC, who are you voting for" Wow.

I think i was mad in this photo cause that is my brothers girlfriend kissing Joe,...akward?
Yes. I love this man. Who let this guy in?

Who didnt let this guy in?? This was some hammered club douche passed out on a random street corner? Rough night i guess.

Our premier.

We had the world premier of our movies at Oakley last week....the night was superrrrr fun...great turn out..really good response!....and this also commemorated day one of the most alcohol filled week of the year. Even more so than Vegas....finally, i feel better.I dont understand how you could walk through these doors everyday and go to work?

My Dad made it. He happened to be in town...he hadnt been to a premier before.

Someone snapped a photo of Justin, Dawger and I.....This was the last film we are working on with Dawger involved...thanks Mike.

I cant really remember at what point of the night i took this...Justin and Annie sure do look cute.

The turnout was really good.

The open bar was really good too.
Pierre, Justin, and I...talking about who knows what.

The Minnesoldiers...Joe and Zac. Both had such good segments.
The theater was super good for premiers...stadium seating.

Bobby has his own table

I guess this is when you offically know that you "made" it....when i walk into a random California restaurant and Bobby has an Es Ad printed on the freakin table. I still remember when you were 15 Bobby, many a beer ago.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Man of the RNC

Way to stand up for what you believe in Joe...Not giving a fuck what party you support and speaking ur true beliefs. Something that more politicians should start doing. Lieberman killed it. This election is nuts.
"Sen. Barack Obama is a gifted and eloquent young man who can do great things for our country in the years ahead," Lieberman said. "But my friends, eloquence is no substitute for a record — not in these tough times for America.