Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer in DC

Lucky for us, the best skate spot on the east coast is in DC. LOVE park used to be the best but from what i hear its pretty much shut down for skating these days......Freedom Plaza takes the cake.....Its amazing....And lately the cops havent been showing up to kick everyone out. There has been some really good sessions lately.
Peter is the king of curb SKATE. Nosepicks like nothing

These dudes were filming for who knows what. I got in there a poached a couple shots.
SSBSkickflip, no he didnt landRory and DevChild. Two of my best friends. Dev grew up down the street from me. We used to ride to highschool Butts to Nutts on the back of my motorcycle....Gross.DevChild knocked himself out for 40secs and ended up in a ambulance later this night, then snuck out of the hosipital. Blog coming soon.

I hate flying

But sometimes you do get some cool photos.
Such as aerial shots of planes.. Or a tour by air of the nations capital

Great Place for the Dog

The other day i walked into a grocery store and someone decided it was a good idea to tie their Pit Bull up to the gum ball machines....Now kids can get a gumball and their arm bitten off.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Skating in Dress Shoes

Gravis recently made this pretty dope Dylan Reider pro model shoe.....They are designed as dress/skate shoes...Jeremy loves to prove to me that he actually skates in them...HA

Sneak Peak from Finland

Ive been slacking on posting blogs recently...Things have been too busy over here...I haven't even gotten my July 4 blog action up yet...Anyway...Here's a sneak peak at what to expect from Finland. This place is great for blog material

Friday, July 10, 2009

Congradulations Pierre

I know its been his goal since he was born, Pierre has sucessfully become the #1 YouTube watcher in Sweden....Damn dude, thats a serious interneting problem. 6000 video's watched in 1 month?????