Friday, February 27, 2009

5 crews+, Logan Day 3

Jussi started the day with a double line. Landing, obviously.

Anytime Logan is really good you can bet on seeing a bunch of other crews up there...I think one time i saw 7 crews in the parking lot at once. Amazing, like a ski resort. Luckily there are many things to do up there. At the end of the day we ran into soooo many people. This is 4 crews i think.....some of the pro shreds in attendence other than our crew were, Darrell Mathes, Bjorn Leines, Jp Tomich
, Ikka Backstrom, Lauri Heiskari, Will Lavigne, Bode Merrill, Photog Oli Gagon, blahh blah blah.....You get the point
After the day was over Jussi needed to get some photos for the new Mizu catalog...If you didnt know he and Brad Kremer started a stainless steel water bottler company. Should be in stores near you sometime soon.
There was actually a Logan day 4 but it consisited of us going to the trailhead and deciding not to go out. It was super cloudy and even though we had a couple things in mind including a purrrrfect already built jump it wasent in the cards
Photog, Jeff Curtes couldnt decide if he wanted to get out there or not. He decided to just wear one of each boot just in case we pulled the trigger.

Loganesque, Day 2

After an exhausting day 1 we woke up bright and early once again...I think my alarm went off at 530am. I usually set it early for one or two snoozes (key)...after the snoozes I jumped up and met the guys at 6 am at the normal meeting spot, Einsteins. The crew was tired but super stoked for the bluebird day that was ahead of us.

Jeremy has some new stuff up his sleeve....this is his track.
He lost a binding somewhere on the ride out?
After getting a couple things in the bank Jussi and Jeremy built a couple more tasty items for the following morning. Its way better when you show up in the morning and starting filming rather than building for hours.
I think Jeremy's quote after this day was, "I was having a hard time lifting my leg up I was so tired", or something to that effect. Going home tired after busting your ass all day is a good feeling.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lake Champlain

Brad, Jeremy, and I were in VT for a couple days this week doing some Burton commercial stuff...Brad had a quick second to snap a photo for his woman....Cells phone photos are rough

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Deep Days in Utah part 1

After having a couple days of recovery time from the Aspen trip Jeremy called and said he wanted to get a crew together for a Logan mission. He said Jussi was gonna fly out and meet up and Keegan and Hoop were already on their way. Photographer Jeff Curtes and Andy Wright also joined the session. We figured there was gonna be about 2ft of new snow. We got to the trailhead and quickly realized it was gonna be alot deeper than we expected.
The trailhead in the morning on a bluebird day is an exciting place.
Photographer Andy Wright is prepared for UV rays. His face was covered in what looked like Zinka all day.
We got to the zone and Jussi started the scouting. It ended up being about 4-5ft deep. There was no way the snowmobiles were making it up this slope this day.
Before the sun came up Hoop decided to get some shit hooks in.
Since the snowmobiles couldnt make it up, Jussi decided to climb the old fashioned way. Breaking trail the entire way up.This is how deep the bootback was after his climb. This day was exhausting.

..Gabe L'Heureux..

The otherside of Aspen

I got a call from Aaron Hooper the other day saying he thought Aspen was gonna have some good backcountry conditions and I should head out. I loaded up my gear and met Keegan and Hoop to see what we could get done. Hoop knew some snowmobile zones that had potential and we ended up walking out of there with the few good shots.Next year the X-Games are here.
In the middle of nowhere we found an, "I Love You" balloon just blowing around. We were 15 miles from any town, in the middle of a bunch of 13,000ft peaks. I thought this was pretty crazy. Maybe Keegan is gonna find his sweetheart very very soon.?
On the way home from the trip I decided to pull over and shoot a couple shots of this super cool sunset. It was snowing and sunny.
The only place I could find to pull over was on the side of an on ramp to I-70.
The police didnt like that too much. Luckily the cop was super cool.The drive home was stressful. Road conditions were horrible. I wanted to get out of the car again and i have always wanted to shoot some shots of these windpower stations in Spanish Fork, Utah. For some reason these windmills are super interesting to me. After getting what I needed I drove home...

..Gabe L'Heureux..