Sunday, October 24, 2010

King Kong lives in VT

Every time you drive through small town America you end up seeing some wild shit. On the way down to Stratton with Linn and Hot Wing last spring we came across King Kong.
Tourist photo, check.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Everything's a little brighter in Spain

Not sure what it is about Spain, but you always seem to walk with cool skate shots when your there. Sani and I pulled up to the boardwalk area in San Sebastian and there was this giant flatground spot that had a ton of people playing soccer, skating, hippy longboarding, and just hanging....It was getting near dusk and the mountain in the background was already having some pretty cool light on it. I pulled out the camera stuff as Sani ran to get some beersI was trying to think of a different type of photo to shoot other than a stock flat ground photo. We came up with this slow shutter idea. This is my favorite photo from the entire trip, (hopefully i didnt already say that somewhere else)...Sani and I just skated back and forth and eventually came out with a good shot that Im going to surely send to him for Xmas.
Mu and Hitsch chose surfing over skating...we didnt see them again until night.
After Sani got such a good photo I asked him to snap a quick shot of me ollieing as we had initially planned.
Dom walked up and was looking extremely fashionable so she got a shot too...

Im gonna miss summer:(

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Where Are We?

On the way back from Biarritz we decided to head to the coast of the Mediterranean Sea for lunch...We were expecting to be in a town called Montpelier, France but ended up in this really weird 70's tourist town called Palavas les-Flots. The funny thing is, we had no idea what town we were in and everyone felt stupid asking a stranger where we were...a total American move, however, this time I was the only American.
Since we were in a tourist town Mu and Hitsch decided to play the part.

Right next to where we parked, there was a chairlift going over this small waterway. Urban chairlifts are always fun.
Here is one last shot of Mu and Hitsch, 60 years from now......Where are we again?

Josie is famous

Apparently, my friend Heathers dog is a celebrity now. She just starred in her 5th ad campaign...One of the most recent being for "The Champagne of Beers"-Miller High LifeHeather thinks is wise to feed Josie people food and beer. She doesn't ever give Josie dog food anymore and since Josie is the Miller High Life dog she has a lifetime supply of free beer. Poor Josie!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Beach Tourism

Apparently surfers need waves to surf on.....and when they dont find them everyone is bored.
So we find other thing to do.
There were some waves at this spot but also a less than clean river as well.
This was one of the coolest beaches we went too while in France. There were 100 people in the water though so everyone was kinda over it.
We just hung out and watched people get worked for while. Sani had an old Polaroid camera with him that shot really cool photos such as these..a little better than an iphone app.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tired Eyes

Since I didn't sleep a wink on the plane, and the European night life doesn't allow for any sleeping, I was running on empty for a good 4 days straight...Here are a few random shots from the blurry time in Zurich
This is the bar Forum premiered their new movie at..Beers were a mellow $8.
Follow the line to escape the rain...It felt like Seattle
Cabs in Zurich are anything but cheap...$30 minimum
Hasi rules.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cyril's New Mark III

Cyril and Caroline have been staying at my brothers place in So Cal while searching for this mobile hotel that they are going to pilot through Central America for the next few months...Rumor has it they were going to buy another van but after Cyril realized it was called the Mark III he couldn't pass it up.
I forgot to ask if it has a TV, VHS player and car phone.

Good Luckkkkkkk!

This place really exists

I almost had a heart attack when I drove by this place south of Biarritz. Are you seriousssss? Unfortunately, the surface doesn't look too skateable...I guess in the back of the roof they are actually going to have the bowl part that is skateable? I have a feeling Danny Way is shooting his next DC ad here.

I give this place a year before they make the surface smooth, it would be a waste otherwise

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Basque Country has skateparks

On the way down to San Sebastian, the Mayor of Innsbruck (Sani) showed us this new park they just built in Irun, Spain...The trannies were perfect and the street area was better than average. We got a good session in and luckily I was able to talk Sani into bs lipping the extension.
Sani is the best Yugo/Austrian I know.
Basque Country is gorgeous!...So are backlips done correctly.
After the session I made everyone wait for me while I took a picture of this boat.

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Gentleman of France

While looking through photos from this trip I realized how many shots of old French guys I had. Seemed like a blog in the making.Not totally sure why, but this is one of my favorite shots from the entire trip. That hat rules.

As if surfing is hard enough, now you have to watch out for fishing lines

This guy didn't seem stoked to pose for the photo. I think he even asked me to pay him?

Its not everyday you ride an urban chairlift.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Not a bad place for a couple beers

The crew headed down to Basque Country; San Sebastian, Spain. A quick 30 min drive from Biarritz. Sani found the nearest bodega and we enjoyed a couple San Miguels on the sea wall while watching Mu and Hitch get handled in the rough surf. Sani and I also shot some some pretty cool skate shots and a sunset timelapse that came out surprisingly good. Markus Keller and friends joined us and we headed to some tapas. San Sebastian is like many other Spanish cites, awesome