Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bye Bye Computer

The other day I flew to Cali for some work boss grabbed me at the airport and we went to get some was around 8pm...I took my bag out of the back of his truck which couldnt be locked and moved it into the cab (worst mistake ever)...we went in and ate, came back out and drove down to Encinitas.....when i got there i couldnt find my backpack and realized what happened....then 5 minutes later Pierre (boss) realized that all his shit was gone is what got snatched....

p.s. nothing in the back of the trucked was touched

2mackbook pro's which all the music libraries for video stuff

my ipod

my camera bag

my 2Terrabyte hard drive

a hundred bucks of photos i had just got printed that day

pierres GPS with all the rail coordinates for Minnesota and Quebec

Pierres passport and check book

needless to sure the crackheads that stole the shit OD'ed on meth that night.


b rendan said...

thats fucked.

Pierre Wikberg said...

May they suffer for long long long long time.

Found this on a blog the other day, so funny. DC looks like a classy place.