Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Two Nine Blog_ Year 16

Once again July 29th turned out as amazing as ever. This is the 16th year in a row. Its come along way from Nick, Richard, Finn, Marty (whoever the hell that is),, and Art's Place (npi). Thanks to Tyler and Tony for making it happen once again.Two Nine this year freakin ruled. The skateboarding came back to life and the drinking took a back seat. Tyler was claiming fakie 5-0 the night before. Didnt seem like to much of a problem for this old bastard.

Ashley came down from Brooklynn.

Anna, Lena, and Erin have been to at least 10 two nines

The next generation of two niners is popping up everywhere. This photo is my favorite of the day. Beth's son Gabriel couldnt have a better name.During the game of skate Art's daughter Adeline needed a little love from her old as shit Dad.
Cupcakes are so "in" right now....DC's best Ping Ponger, Jimmy Peletier
Annabelle decided to conduct a water fight on herselfAngleo killed it in SKATE....switch heelflip
After the game of skate was over Art claimed the title. Its a big deal to win two nine game of skate considering 2 "official" pro skateboarders were in attendence and at least 3 others who could easily be pro at any moment. Arts damn old and totally deserved the win. The title remains in Virginia for another year.
Tony smashed him with a cupcake in celebration. Gluten free of course.
Next, the picnic table session got underway. Gnarly Neil..Bluntslide
Some 5-0s went downAnd Tyler ended the session with a BS Noseblunt.We thought the session was over, then the kids had their own session.

Handplants are allowedRory and Peter

Arts Pop's....
JP, king of the no complyAnother year in the books. Right click to download the photos. Thanks for coming everyone. Till next year......


Russell said...

your shit is always interesting!

Pierre Wikberg said...

That was a ss kickflip, not heel. Fo sho.

awo said...

some sweet photos in there Gabe! The Tyler-noseblunt one is my fave. rad!