Monday, October 19, 2009

Best Backyard Ramp Everrr

Actually, I just remembered Gordon Eckler had the best backyard ramp ever in Maryland circa 1996....JP's is really close though. 5 footer. Super wide. Skatelite. So fun. 

Pat kills trannies.
Justin got crailslides pretty much everytime

Aimee was in town and hung out for the session
I had time for a quick bs ollie as well..

As always, thanks for letting us skate JP


Octohawk said...

my bff built the best ramp in his backyard

TRJJ said...

I have the best BYR! Ya'll just scared of gettin' your real on! haha

claudia said...

Oh it's claiming contest. I LIVE in the worlds' best skatepark.

Gabe L'Heureux said...

Everyone knows Jeremy's ramp is damn scary.....