Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mono Lake

I know all you guys have probably driven buy this thing a million times. I however havent. So when I drove by it i was pretty blown away. For those of you that havent. Mono Lake is about 30 miles North of Mammoth Ca, near Yosemite National Park. The lake is at the far western edge of the Great Basin and it is a salt water lake. Alot like the Great Salt Lake which happens to be a the east side of the Great Basin. Geography lesson over.

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Alyson said...

i love mono lake! so pretty! i used to go to mammoth for summer camps back in the day when i was a little tyke. from your pics i might even say the landscape is even prettier in the winter. hey laroo... next time you'll have to hit up yosemite. That's a good one too.