Sunday, May 16, 2010

Solden Leftovers

I had a couple leftover shots from Solden, Austria from a couple weeks ago.In Europe, churches are built anywhere...You constantly see churches in the craziest places. Such as on the top of a mountain next to a giant glacier.
In Europe you also see snowboarders and photographers everywhere. Such as Mu and Cyril. Cyril has been shooting a bunch of Polaroids lately. I need to get one myself. What you dont see everywhere is people trying to film from a giant para-sail/ parachute type thing. These guys tried and tried to get this thing in the air but the thermals and the wind weren't right. They fell hard 3 times in a row. Straight to the face. The crew thought it was funny and everyone helped out by yelling, "Run Forest, Run" each time. I dont think it helped.

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*lindsey said...

That church is crazy! Now I'm longing for snow. Not much of that in AZ right now!