Thursday, October 21, 2010

Everything's a little brighter in Spain

Not sure what it is about Spain, but you always seem to walk with cool skate shots when your there. Sani and I pulled up to the boardwalk area in San Sebastian and there was this giant flatground spot that had a ton of people playing soccer, skating, hippy longboarding, and just hanging....It was getting near dusk and the mountain in the background was already having some pretty cool light on it. I pulled out the camera stuff as Sani ran to get some beersI was trying to think of a different type of photo to shoot other than a stock flat ground photo. We came up with this slow shutter idea. This is my favorite photo from the entire trip, (hopefully i didnt already say that somewhere else)...Sani and I just skated back and forth and eventually came out with a good shot that Im going to surely send to him for Xmas.
Mu and Hitsch chose surfing over skating...we didnt see them again until night.
After Sani got such a good photo I asked him to snap a quick shot of me ollieing as we had initially planned.
Dom walked up and was looking extremely fashionable so she got a shot too...

Im gonna miss summer:(

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-Lien said...

Spain is dope! Just really amazing everywhere! I've lived there for 10months, and yeah, it's f***ing amazing! :D