Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A couple more days in Minnesota

Everytime I go to Minnesota I leave with a good vibe from the place. The people there are cool (except the dude at Home Depot) and everything there seems nice. This time around we got to check out a bunch of small towns near the twin cities as well. I cant wait to come back in the summer. This was the 1st strictly film trip i have been on in the while and it was super fun to get back into the swing of things with the video camera. I still wished i was shooting photos the whole time though:)....While everyone was setting up and warming up i grabbed a quick shot of Ethan getting busy...This kid is dope...always smiling and always saying the funniest thing ever.

Keegan was with us on this trip as well and decided to hop on the hood of the truck instead of walking to the spot....

While Owen and I were filling up the generator with gas these people strolled up...Apparently this mother and child combo have a snow shoveling business...They walk around and shovel things for people....The lady informed me her and her son started the business when he was 12 yrs old..not totally sure why the kid isnt in school but??? Please note the sweet Chicago Bulls starter jacket the lady was rocking.


ck said...

youre hysterical.

Theresa said...

that jacket is vintage!