Monday, June 20, 2011

Finally Finished

After a couple months of waiting I finally got the bike back from the shop....the new version. Jake Hobbs did a great job with the mod's and everything came out like i wanted for the most part. There are still a few things to work on but overall....He's done...

Picture 5
The mod's we did were: Bars, Chain conversion, Tank, Fenders, Grips, Tires, Seat and Suspension to name a few.

Picture 1

Picture 3
I wonder if the country boy I bought this from would have sold it for so cheap if he knew how much better it could look with a little time and a Hobbs? Plus, anything looks good in the sunset.

Screen shot 2011-06-20 at 8.21.38 PM

Jake, big thanks for working on this thing for me and thanks to Justin for the delivery.


Amanda Wormann said...

yea gabe! love it

sAni said...

I agree, the bike looks great!

MJ said...

I think Kenny Loggin's said it best..."Revvin' up your engine
Listen to her howlin' roar
Metal under tension
Beggin' you to touch and go...highway to the danger zone...Riiiide into the danger zooooone"

fischi said...

sick! really good job!

Jeremy said...

it'll look better with you on it (in the sunset). Prove to me it runs Gabe!