Monday, October 3, 2011

The Stump Forest

On the way up to meet the crew at Corey Koniniec's wedding this weekend Robbie and decided to take a little detour after passing this super crazy looking forest of stumps. After a couple dirt roads and wrong turns we found out exactly where we wanted to go.

Picture 10
Most of the year these old trees are part of the lake. Since the reservoir is pretty close to empty at this time of year they are out in the open and accepting photo opportunites

Picture 8
Since no supermodels were present Robbie had to suffice..

Picture 9
This was my favorite stump of the bunch and hopefully in 200 years wont become another stump.

Picture 7
Alot of times I see things while driving down the road and wish I had the time to stop...Its nice when you actually pull over and it works out

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mcowley said...

Gabe, ask me some time to share the story about how tree stumps in Florida helped your grandparents make it through the "great depression".