Monday, September 10, 2012

Accessory Dogs Beware

On the way out to shoot some stuff in NZ this last time around we came across a Shepard herding her flock into a field full of Kale. The sheep go in these fields for 12 hours a day and eat their allotted supply like locusts. They then go back to the normal pasture which has no food since the grass is dormant for the winter.

Even though this lady looks as bummed as the sheep she was actually pretty cool and told me all about the profession.

The true professional though is the sheep dog. One dog can handle hundreds of sheep. The sheep honestly must be some of the dumbest creatures alive...

The sheep do know however that most of the tiny worthless accessory dogs that many women in California own could never boss them around. (Not you Barney)

After watching these dogs i felt bad for all of the dogs that have to live in NYC. I still want to move there though.

Yumm, Kale.

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b rendan said...

Sick photos broseph.