Sunday, November 4, 2012

Foggy Friday

Actually I don't know what day this was but Foggy Friday sounded cool as a title.....The other night i peaked my head out of the door and the entire sky was pink fog...Pretty cool for photos I thought. I quickly grabbed the camera and headed to the beach...By the time i got there the sky was anything but pink. Totally socked in and with the extremely low tide pretty surreal out..

Im not one to usually post surf photos, many of you know my feelings on the surf art culture...anyway I  thought these would make a good blog and no I won't be selling them at the local coffee shop.

Muzzy actually walked out of the water right next me to. I couldn't recognize who it was until he was about 10 feet away.

I guess when your arm doesn't fit around the board you have to drag it?

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