Wednesday, August 22, 2007


The Orioles lost 30-3 tonight...this is the worst loss in over a hundred years....are you kidding?? How come this shit happens to teams that i is the news story:

"Things started off well for the O's. Baltimore had a three-run lead by the third inning, but starter Daniel Cabrera and the bullpen surrendered 30 unanswered runs. The Rangers put up crooked numbers in the fourth, sixth, eighth and ninth as the Orioles, victims of the worst defeat in club history, were left to sit back and wait for the nightcap to Wednesday's doubleheader."

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Alexis said...

how about the Mariners being 2 games out of FIRST place in their division ................ and then going 0-9 to be 2 games behind NYY for the wild card.

what I'm tryin to say is...I feel your pain.