Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Runkes Wedding.

We headed out to Seattle for my friend Ryan Runkes wedding...for those of you that dont know Ryan. He loves to booze...knowing this we thought we better take a cab to this one.
Runke was boozing by the time we got there.
After the ceremony some kids got busy on the dance floor.

Then some old timers got busy on the dance floor....he didnt like me taking photos.
Then the boozing fully started...Mckay and Tedore early in the long night.
Cory and Jessie were having a romantic experience of their own
Cory and Java were not. They were just boozin...believe it or not...Java was the minister of the wedding.
This is all i saw all night long. I dont even remember when i took this photo or at which bar.
As the night when on the photos kept getting better....Marius is looking pyscho.
Even the girls were saucing. I love photos that are not staged...so much better...Danielle is looking hot right here....everyone looked beautiful this night....she was looking gorgeous however.
Tedore was having fun of his own.....I wonder what he was taking photos of?
This is my last memory of the night. The pioneer square hot dog man. sooooo good, i think???
The next day we were really slow moving...we stood here talking forever....I wish i could tell you what Cami was thinking about in this photo but i dont think it is appropriate.
We also saw the Blue Angels flying above.
We walking around forever looking for a TV to watch our new snowboard film on, we couldnt find one for a while....McKay had a quick second to pose for a photo.

We found a place to watch it and Runke and Java signed their marriage certificate....didnt i tell you it was a gay wedding?

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