Saturday, August 25, 2007

Im so glad its not snowing!

Now that i have finally been able to enjoy being home we have been getting into what we do best....skating in the day and partying in the night (im kind of lying, ive been working my ass off doing man work too...I just tiled Jims fucking house, it was a bitch and now im working all day long on the K2 Team Vid)....soo back to the story....after work...we have been skating a ton and make a long story short...its been super fun!!!1st stop...9th and 9th, this park i hated at first cause all the trannies are jacked but it ended up being a really fun place to get ur hesh on....Here Pat is doing a fs camera sucks for action shots as you will see more in the this blog
We then went and skated at JP Walkers house with Jordan....Jp has one of the best mini's ever in his back yard....AMAZING...its top 3 back yard ramps ive ever skated...Gordon's in Waldorf will always be my favorite though.

Pat got a couple flips of the board to fakieI was happy with my latest stencil job, its not Brenden Ash griptape but its looking good to me.

I can do fs 5-0s for hours on this ramp...its feels so damn good.
Jordan got some fs ollies....he fucking rips on a skateboard as well as snowboarding for a living....I wish he could skate with us more.

We also have been going to this outdoor concert thing every thursday night....We throw a backpack full of beer over the fence....Beer makes everything more fun!!..Branden and Amy decide that photos are better if you shake the shit out of ur head..
Erin and Jacqui were shaking theirs like crazy....haha..
This is Jim...He lived in Aspen for years and now Park City....this might explain why he is drinking beer out of a 8oz wine cup....some might call this gay....I call it living in Aspen and then Park City...
Jacqui was trying to take a picture of drunk ass Doyon doing a handstand...I was trying to take a picture of Jacqui taking a picture of Doyon. Art Fag sums it up.

No Caption Needed...
I ran into my new friend Amy at the bar....she lives in Carlsbad and i met her when we were down there editing..For some reason she was in SLC and was randomly watching Doyon snort shots...I dont really know this technique but i guess it must get you drunk a little faster......such a fun night.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Behind the Griptape

Holy shit....this is gonna win an emmy

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


The Orioles lost 30-3 tonight...this is the worst loss in over a hundred years....are you kidding?? How come this shit happens to teams that i is the news story:

"Things started off well for the O's. Baltimore had a three-run lead by the third inning, but starter Daniel Cabrera and the bullpen surrendered 30 unanswered runs. The Rangers put up crooked numbers in the fourth, sixth, eighth and ninth as the Orioles, victims of the worst defeat in club history, were left to sit back and wait for the nightcap to Wednesday's doubleheader."

Monday, August 20, 2007

Power Ballad at its Finest

This might be the best music video i have ever seen....I thought it was Damn Yankees at first..

Friday, August 17, 2007

I love summer

Now that im FINALLY back home i got a chance to catch up with the friends for a little session on Sterbo and I's newly updated mini ramp....when this thing was in my garage it was 16ft wide and no its 20ft wide with all kinds of stuff going on...
Branden got nasty fs rocks right off the bat....This bank is anything but easy to skate...
Sterbo, rock fakie....
I was debating whether or not to even put this photo on here....there is no deck so 5050ing this thing is scary as shit....i need to be standing on top of it...I know.!
This is what our lives are coming too....electronic control.
It was fucking hot...
Rockford took a time out to skate some flat ground.
I then drank some of my 100 ounces of coke.....this is the reason why so many Americans are fat...this is the biggest mug i have ever seen...there is NO need for this....Mazzola would have loved to have this mug back in '97 when he was drinking 2 double gulps a day....thats 128 ounces
Then we jumped on bikes and when downtown to start boozing...we ended up at this hippie concert...I tried to take photos of all the stupid hippies but it was too dark..Today ruled...I love summer.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Runkes Wedding.

We headed out to Seattle for my friend Ryan Runkes wedding...for those of you that dont know Ryan. He loves to booze...knowing this we thought we better take a cab to this one.
Runke was boozing by the time we got there.
After the ceremony some kids got busy on the dance floor.

Then some old timers got busy on the dance floor....he didnt like me taking photos.
Then the boozing fully started...Mckay and Tedore early in the long night.
Cory and Jessie were having a romantic experience of their own
Cory and Java were not. They were just boozin...believe it or not...Java was the minister of the wedding.
This is all i saw all night long. I dont even remember when i took this photo or at which bar.
As the night when on the photos kept getting better....Marius is looking pyscho.
Even the girls were saucing. I love photos that are not much better...Danielle is looking hot right here....everyone looked beautiful this night....she was looking gorgeous however.
Tedore was having fun of his own.....I wonder what he was taking photos of?
This is my last memory of the night. The pioneer square hot dog man. sooooo good, i think???
The next day we were really slow moving...we stood here talking forever....I wish i could tell you what Cami was thinking about in this photo but i dont think it is appropriate.
We also saw the Blue Angels flying above.
We walking around forever looking for a TV to watch our new snowboard film on, we couldnt find one for a while....McKay had a quick second to pose for a photo.

We found a place to watch it and Runke and Java signed their marriage certificate....didnt i tell you it was a gay wedding?

Airports= Good People Watching

I watched these two gentleman talk for about a half hour...I was trying to figure out what they were talking about and i couldnt. This shot was taken in the airport in Kansas City. I imagine they have the most different lifestyle possible than i do. They seemed to be good friends with one another.

One Last Session

I drove downtown the other day for one last session before coming back out west...I got caught in some bitch ass traffic right before the pentagon...this is totally normal and i used to be able to deal with it....if you look close you can see right where the plane and not the missle hit the pentagon.

After getting chased off of freedom plaza one last time i walked back up there a snapped a couple shots...This is my favorite skate spot in the world since LOVE park is gone..I cant wait to go back and get chased out again.

Concentration Camp USA

This is where i went to high school before getting the boot....this was the most unhealthy learning environment possible...we were treated like prisoners. I really dont think i have any positve memories from this shit hole....actual...I saw a couple of really good fights.