Thursday, March 5, 2009

Its Official, We Made the Paper and the News

Ive been so excited to write a blog about this because of the 15 ways this story is hilarious. Basically. We found a spot in St Paul, MN. We set it up the day before cause there was no light on the landing when we found it. After setting it up, the absolutely Crazy Neighbor #1 walked up to our van and began looking in the windows. He was like Citizens on Patrol, from Police Academy 5. This guys wanted to be a hero soooooooo bad. Almost as bad as Crazy Neighbor #2.

I'll tell the story as i see it, quick version and then i recommend reading the entire newspaper article which was taken out of the main newspaper in Minneapolis/St Paul. He we go. After getting the spot set up the following day it was pretty much just show up and get filming. As we began filming crazy neighbor #1 walks up to me, who happened to be shooting the top angle, near the sidewalk and starts taking photos of me. I of course asked him what he was doing. He made up some lie. I later find out hes some sort of volunteer nerd that the police say is constantly involved in city affairs. Sounds like hes bored.

Next comes Crazy Neighbor #2. Who walks up to me and starts our conversation by saying. "You cant film my building!", I thought she was kidding, be sarcastic, and i reply" you're kidding me right"...I guess her building is the white one in the background.She immediately starts going off about how we don't have a film permit and all this crap. She starts quoting Darwin and tells us how uneducated we are. This is all while Cale is ready to get his shot...after a little while of her blabbing Cale, Keegan, and I start to get a little annoyed and tell her and her accesory dog (with shoes on) to beat it. Anyway, she ended up calling the cops of course.

As for the Crazy Neighbor #1, he calls the newspaper and gets interviewed and a couple days later the story ends up on the front page of the Minnesota section. We happen to be eating in Einstiens when someone notices this. I guess there was a story on the news about this. Seems like Crazy Neighbor #1 is a little "fame" hungry. Im sure he will frame the story and hang in on the mantle.Side note: I love how the article of us getting busted for snowboarding sits right next to the story of some Asian murderer.

If you click on these they get large enough to read. Here are a couple of my favorite quotes from the storyHAHAHA, WHAT???? He obviously made this up out of thin air...."their idols?" HuhThe man was worried about our saftey. More like the man wanted some excitement in his life and had nothing better to do.My favorite quote. "It was almost like a movie crew"....HAHA...

The story gets better. When the police arrive we notice that the officers last name is Burton. Small World. He was stoked we worked for his fav snowboard company. The cops brother actually plays soccer for Arsenal or the premier league.
Officer Burton and his partner were actually pretty cool and seemed a little bummed they had to give us tickets for having fun. We decided to take a nice little photo with the officers.The funny part about his is how no one seems to care that we just got tickets. We all realized how dumb this was....also. Crazy Neighbor #1 and #2 stood there for at least 2 hours while the cops sorted out all of this stuff....they must have been freezing and a little bummed to know that no one on our crew had their day ruined like they intended. They are actually in the background to this photo looking less than happy.
After getting all packed up the officers asked if we could send them a copy of the group photo. We gladly obliged. Sorry Crazy Neighbors #1 and #2. You dont get a copy of the photo.

After hearing about this. Brad Kremer, our boss decided to contact the lady that wrote the story and offer a rebuttal. She published it the following day.Oh yea, we also made the other main paper in MSP_


b rendan said...

so awesome.

Stone said...

Ha ha ha ha ha.
But watch how smooth Jer is with that coppa'...
Surprised he didn't get offered some other kinda back seat ride.

PAT said...

I love how this story seemed to run way bigger than the "Sacramento Killing" story tha was next to it after it had already been jumped from pg.1. So "EFFing" rediculous.

Held said...

Ah yes! Welcome to my home state my friend!! At least you can leave these yahoo's I have to live amongst them. Great story, I laughed out loud after reading the article and then your blog. Keep up the good work man, and next time your in town you better get a hold of us for dinner! Go Skins? We'll see.


brettspurr said...

Hey so i was looking the picture of the "HERO" and he fits the description of the "hero" in this video.which happens to be in saintpaul.. extremely close to where this all went down...

peep this