Monday, March 30, 2009

The skatepark to ourselves

Today ended up being a really nice and deep powder day at Brighton. A bunch of the European Burton guys are in town shooting photos with Justin LHeureux so i teamed up with them and filmed some fun web stuff...The Burton crew consisted of Sani Alibabic, Stephan Mauer and Marko Grillc....our friends Drew Fuller and Jason Leggee joined us as well...Things went good at the mountain and we got home pretty tired. Sani and I had talked about skating all day so we decided to go to the skatepark around the corner from my house. Joe Mertes came with as well. I brought the G10 and grabbed a couple photos. Sani skates tranny really well.

Sani got a couple photos real quick.I gave Sani the camera and he grabbed a quick shot of me ollieing the sun.Joe was doing sweet fs feebles on the spine.Sani ended the session with a nice bs lip on the kinked extension. All in all such a good session.

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