Wednesday, July 14, 2010

2 days in Jackson

Jussi and I headed up to Jackson, WY this week to meet with some of the people behind the new Stash project Burton is doing.....I had only been to Jackson one other time. During mid winter. I knew is was going to be beautiful but I had no idea it was this beautiful!

Before the rest of the crew arrived we hiked 2 miles up this road to this amazing lake. For some reason no one was around. We sent it off this thing a few times. The water was not warm.
Luckily the beers weren't either.

Such good scenery
This is what the sky would look like if BP was in control of the air. Actually a forest fire disguised as BP.

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alyson said...

Shut up laroo!! I was in Jackson around the 4th of July as well. We need to coordinate these things a little better...