Monday, August 2, 2010

Back Home

Just got back from a fun few days in Alexandria/DC....Its always so fun to catch up with all my oldest friends that are so responsible for making me who i am. Skating with those guys is unlike skating with anyone else. We've all known each other since we were 14 and learned a ton about life and skating around one another. One thing I noticed more than anything else on this trip is how individual everyone is. Even though we spent 10 years non stop within the same social scenes everyone is 100% unique. We could not see each other for 5 years and still feel like it was yesterday.
After the sentimentality was over, we decided to play a warm up game of SKATE at the park where Two Nine is. Tyler nuked it as usual. Why the dude works for SB and doesn't skate for them is beyond me. Switch BS Flip

Neal is one of the younger Two Niners. I met him a few years ago..He has a bag of tricks for days...FS Blunt.
On the way to the bar we stumbled past the double set we skated every Christmas Day for years. Christmas was the only time you could skate this thing during the day without getting kicked out. Brenden reminisced and ollied it for old times sake. (For the record, I haven't done a damn thing down the big part)
After the session, we finally made it to "Arts Place" for a couple beers. Paul and I got a chance to talk some shit. Anyone you consider a friend is an important piece in the puzzle. Old friends maybe a little more.

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