Friday, August 6, 2010

Taking the Bronze

The game of SKATE finally got under way after some heavy rain...All in all there were about 30 people entered including some heavies. Unfortunately and fortunately I dont have any photos from the game since I was skating the entire time.
The rules to this game: The tricks do not go through the line. If someone misses. The trick stops. Also, tricks are never repeated. By the end of the game the wildest weirdest stuff was getting thrown since there were no tricks left.

22 year old, Angelo Lee won after talking a minor amount of shit, claiming a victory. He def deserved to win though. Every trick was popped hi and proper...and he put me out on a switch double flip. Old ass Tony Lisi got second. The only person older than Tony in the event was Older ass Art. His brother. Dont ask how me Tony and I made it to the podium, we had a good draw...We are no where near as good as at least 20 of the other skaters in the game.
Everyone then lined up for a group photo as usual. Since Tyler is slacking so hard on posting the photo, I had to post a photo of Tyler taking the photo.
Dan and Fuzzy were so siked that Tony and I made it to the podium, Dan tried to pick up Fuzzy in celebration. This might be my favorite photo in the history of cameras.

Thanks to Tony who made this day happen. It was priceless.

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