Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Air and Style

Finally to the reason we were in Beijing...The Oakley Air n' Style....I'd never been to this event before and was siked to check it out, especially in China...Chinese law says there has to be a shit-ton of security guards at any spectator event.....They definitely respected the law.

This security guy had amazingly good seats for the Chinese boy band that played after the event.

A little excessive?

The Birds Nest was next door to the venue we were at...I never got a chance to check it out but she was poking her head out the whole time.

Grilo and I had a chance to film some funny video stuff before the event. I caught up with him before he hiked the 7 stories of stairs for the 1st time.

The level of riding was super high...Sebastian Toutant walked away the victor.....The security guards even got a chance to get a quick cell phone photo...Hopefully I make it back next year

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