Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tourism at its finest

We got a chance to get out of Beijing a bit and check out some of the Chinese countryside. The place is def not easy living. Seems like everyone is struggling to survive in a way..
We rode a day at Nanshan...A local ski hill about an hour outside of town....When we arrived there were a bunch of guys making a mogul field with shovels. Right before a park jump?? Not too sure their logic on that one.

The next day we made it too the Great Wall. I hadn't been to this section of The Wall before and it was just as impressive as the other section years ago.

After the Wall we headed to this super low key restaurant in one of the traditional Chinese neighborhoods...The place was amazing. Apparently, this was one of the Emperors old cars...This was before the entire fleet was converted into Prius's.

Jesse enjoyed dinner. And decided that he was going to be Tony Montana from Scarface for the night...Not quite sure how I have all these photos of Jesse?

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