Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Not the Pits

Had an amazing opportunity this weekend to hit the NASCAR race in Fontana, CA. Many of you know I've wanted to hit a race for some time now and luckily my friend Bryan knew the right folks and got us the best tickets humanly possible. I dont usually blog multiple photos from one event but this was too good to pass up.When I heard that we had pit/garage passes I guess I didn't really realize how good these tickets actually were. You could basically walk anywhere. Such a good way to take in a race.

Apparently NASCAR just switched over to this new system to fuel the cars. Each pit stop uses one of these canisters. Fuel goes in-air goes out. Minimal fuel spills.

No one had a problem with cameras out. Even 10 minutes before the race.

While heading from the pits to the track each car had some sort of emblem from their main sponsor on the hood. These were removed before go time.

The pit crews def take their jobs extremely seriously. It was common to see the teams stretching, meditating, and getting into gametime mode.

Everyone had such a relaxed vibe. There was minimal security and everyone seemed to be loving what they were doing. Part 2 coming tomorrow.

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