Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sometimes Ya Gotta Race

If there is one thing that NASCAR fans, drivers, and crew are siked about its NASCAR. Everyone seemed so into it. Usually when you go to sporting events it seems like half the people there dont really care. Thats definitely not the case here. Everyone takes its as serious as possible and is so amped to be a part of it.

Some washed up singer gave the national anthem. Can't remember who exactly but all I remember is they were big in the 80's....All the crews paused for the anthem and exploded into cheers when the Navy flew 2 F18's over the track.

The race got under way. My initial thoughts were...It was loud. Really damn loud and alot faster than i expected. Fontana is the fastest track in the NASCAR circuit....Hitting speeds of 206mph.............................. No this wasn't Pastrana's car.

The pit crews were in full action. Everyone playing their part.

After the 1st round of tires came off the car the entire crew inspects them to get some insight into how the car is preforming and what adjustments need to be made. Even Chad Knaus came down from the tower to check out his driver, Jimmie Johnson's tires.

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