Friday, September 23, 2011

2 Hour Rainforest Stop

We had a off morning last month in New Zealand so Corey, Dave and I decided to drive to the west coast and check out the rain forest region that none of us had seen before. After driving up and down the coast highway we decided to follow this tiny dirt road into the forest. After walking on a sketchy rock bridge across a river we made out way to a 100% secluded and empty beach. Pretty epic.
Picture 8
An untracked beach is almost as cool and an untracked mountain.

Picture 14
For the longest time I could never understand why the silhouette of a fern was the All Blacks Rugby Team Logo...Now I know

Picture 13
Not sure if I will ever go to a private beach this rad again. I imagine during the Kiwi summer its not quite as private.

Picture 16

On the way back we found it important to test our rental cars ability to perform in the sand. It passed and we made it back to Snowpark for our sunset shoot.

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