Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Few Hours To Visit LOVE

For years we'd head to Philly a couple times a summer for skate missions with the boys. These were always so fun. Loading up in the mini van, heading to FDR for a warm up and then downtown to skate Love Park and City Hall, film and hang out with our Philly friends.

I recently landed in Philly on a Saturday afternoon and quickly headed downtown to see if anything was left of these famous and doomed spots. It seems like the city of Philadelphia would rather Love Park become a homeless colony than a skate spot. Dont really understand the logic here but its pretty classic. City hall was completely ripped out and it looked like what was once arguably one of the best spots in America is becoming another building. All those years of them chasing us out of there for messing up their marble was pointless after all.

The 3 stair ledge has now become a table for a game of Chess. The city obvious doesn't want to build real tables for its citizens. This ledge was sooo good and there are some good memories of sessions we had here. Miss those days for sure

Love Park is still skateable on the lower level. Especially in the winter months when the fountain is turned off. I actually had a good hour to skate and never got kicked out by some miracle of God.

I had a enjoyable day reminiscing about old shit and thinking about how much fun we had those days. We need to plan another Philly trip soon

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