Monday, October 1, 2012

Afternoon Game of Cards

While skating at this spot near our hotel in Huaian, China we noticed the same group of guys playing cards in the park everyday around 3pm. We couldn't really figure out what game they were playing but none the less it was a cool scene

The guys didn't really seem to have a problem with me taking a few snaps, or they didn't speak english and we didn't speak Chinese so it didn't seem like they had a problem

Its really cool to think that a game like cards is played all over the place. It has no cultural divide. 

These guys were amazing. Im sure they are playing again today. I wish i would have gotten their contact info and sent them some prints.

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courtney mercier said...

best thing to see when i was in Cuba - to take a photo and then print it out right then and there to hand to them... so much joy.