Sunday, September 16, 2007

ASR was retarded

After not being sure if I was gonna come out for the ASR week in San Diego I decided to come...The main reason being our big premier for the new film was on Wed night at Oakley...also there were a few other cool guy snow bro things to be done during the week...Luckily Danielle was able to come too for work and it made it amazing to have her there with me..even though one night we ended up sleeping in our car while we had a $200 hotel room just miles is some of the mayhem, quiet times, and In N Out moments.This is Oakley...I cant think of a more intimidating place to come to work...This is the main entrance...It reminds me of Total Recall or Judge Dredd...Both amazing movies by the way..

Jordan got a little Pre Premier screening...the show went super well and the place was packed..people really seem to like our movie this year....its exciting.

The next day we woke up in Encinitas and McKay was getting ready for hitting the sunny beach. Why not rock 3 pairs?

Later that day we ate at this awesome burrito shop Jaunitas....Cory decided to pinch this dudes ass while we waited for our food.

The girls decided to look gorgeous while we waited for our food.

We then all made it to the Absinthe Premier...Pierre was even there boozing with us and he never comes out....if you know what happened to Pierre later that night ur probably laughing right now....this was just hours before the window crashing disaster...haha.
After sitting down in the theater we realized that we better get beer...Danielle stuffed her purse and we had booze for the whole show.
After the Premier i ran into Jordan and he had a guitar...he said that him and Benee had just bought it off of a homeless dude for 5 bucks....that homeless dude must have been bummed after he drank the 5 dollar bottle of vodka he bought with that 5 bucks and didnt have a guitar anymore.

The next day, after waking up in the car, we went up to Sole Technology and had a shopping was awesome...we got to pick out whatever we wanted...I successfully got 2 pairs of shoes that dont fit...awesome...I want to say thanks to Brian Cook for hooking that one up and the cool dudes that work in the store there that helped us

The only proper thing to do after a shopping spree is get some food....Double Double Animal Style please...In n Out, I love you

We got back to the haunted hotel and we got ready to go to the girls movie was on a yacht..
Andy showed me his new Iphone on the boat...looks like he dropped it.

The next day we actually made it to the show....i got to see the am finals for the eS game of skate...these guys crushed it.

We then happened to run into this total dork that we met in the bar the other night.,...we started calling him Blink 182....he honestly name dropped everyones name in the snowboard and moto industry to was awesome...Danielle called him out....i told her to stand in front of him....Priceless

After the show we ran into our good friend Josh Mills.....he was slamming whiskey shots and already pretty boozed up...he was having a great time.

Then i saw this contruction worker loading his amazing car with hard hats and stuff...I wish i got a better photo.

Minutes later this idiot drives buy in a Hummer with giant TV's on the side of it playing hip hop videos....this is what wrong with this country....seriously..refer to the previous photo for the way it should be.

It got dark and we went out.
then we took some more photos.

We ended up at this shitty Future mag party....the only cool thing was the free Scion hoodies that we got....uhhhhhh, SON!

Ben then put his hoody in the train tracks before a train rolled through

We ended up at this awesome dive bar and the party....i asked for the biggest beer they had...they gave me this....I ended up drinking the whole thing without taking a pee.....alcohol problem.101

After that everyone starting doing awesome things while walking down the street.
We got back to the hotel....and this photo came out really cool.

In the morning we woke up and met Ben....he started drinking beer...ewwww

Jim Mangan and I ended up getting tickets to a chargers/ bears game that day...NFL is the best sporting events ever...except maybe premier league soccer....which i havent ever been too.....these people were dancing the whole game.

We walked into this bar to get beers in the 3rd and they wouldnt let us out....we had to drink them really fast....we were in bed by 8

On the way out i saw this PRO tailgater setup

Some awesome fans gave us beers in the parking lot for the walk....yummm..

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