Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Toms Wedding

One of my very best friends got married in Crested Butte,CO lat weekend (this is where we used to all live) turned out to be the funnest weekend of the summer next to TWO NINE..This is probably the last time all the old boys will be together in Crested Butte....this is where we all learned how to shred and ride sleds is a photo journal of the mayhem...
Moriah and I drove out from SLC...I took a couple photos on the way...this is the Utah Desert

I dont know what we were pointing just seemed cooler than just standing there

So, I found this skatespot at this gas station near Moab Utah a long time ago....I have always wanted to skate it but the gas station was always open and i figured i would just get kicked out....this time we stopped and the gas station was closed for good...I was stoked....I swept a shitload of pebbles away with my foot and broke out the video camera for some Berzerkers footy...Moriah took all these photos with my little camera...she did a really good job....
The first move of the day had to be a feeble pop out...I forget to say that it was 110 degrees outside.

I then got a smith pop out.

I then got another magic move but i thought this photo was cooler ....this gas station was an amazing spot...I cant wait to go back

We made it just in time for there wedding shower....Tom is the one on the far right....all these dudes are amazing.

After the shower we ended up at the best dive bar in the USA.....this is where i went on my 21st...its amazing.

Moriah ordered us some tombstones from the bartender...

the next morning we awoke are some photos...before the wedding

We got in a quick skate session while the kids played frisby in the deepend....little is Bryn...
And then i had time to give Judd some tatts...this kid is freakin rad....the tattoo says DEATH....thats hardcore.
Here are Tom and Beau boozin before the wedding....Beau is a fucking amazing skateboarder...he just moved to Sac

Then Beau and I woke up on Toms couch super hungover and began walking the hangover off....the morning was misty and these photos came out awesome.

On the way up to the ceremony we stopped by Toms backcoutry snowboard camp called Booter is one of the many features.

Then we got our wedding attire on....the whole story behind this wedding is riding four wheelers and dirtbikes.

Here is beautiful Amaryliss Kelly....she rode her dirtbike to the isle to get married....she wore these boots the whole time...
Mike Kelly (left) was the is Mike and Tom waiting for Amaryliss to ride up

This photo says it all....amazing!
This is what i stepped in while taking wedding was not awesome

Then we rode in the back of a truck to the reception which was outside....this is backstreet pete....he such a rad dude...

At the recpeption this drunk dude who was at least 50 with a mohawk showed up....eventually Tom through him out.
This is another one of my amazing friends....Hutson hawk....if you look close there is a hawk flying in the sky above him. Acutally...I dont think you can see it....the photo is too small

During the whole reception this rainbow was hanging out..

Then we shot off fireworks

Then we went to a party at this cool Metal shop

And Moriah rode around on a crane.

There were cooler hammers there.

The next day i found these old license plates to take a photo of.
Danielle got into town (she was at another wedding) we hung out for a while and began the drive back to Utah.....this trip was soooo fun and it was great to hang out with my other group of friends....I wish weekends like this would happen more often

We stopped on the way home for one more photo.....look at the clouds in the background.....


b rendan said...

God damn-your life is amazing! I met Tom and Bryn before and I went to the 'Talk" with you so long ago. I remember having like 3 "halfy" beers and a cigarette and being super mega drunk because of the altitude. Also, I think Bryn was their for my "juicy fruit." Moriah's photo of macro-focused feeble stall is so sick!!

JIMMIE said...

Your documenting skills are pro as shit.