Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Old Stuff

I was digging through my iphoto gallery the other day and I found a bunch of shots that Justin and I took at the Uof Utah benches last fall....some other these came out cool....I would have though Arkade would have wanted to print them?? I guess since im not Dyet or Lizard its not happening

Right when we got to the spot the sprinklers came on...the sidewalk was a little wet but it still was good to skate....made this photo come out nice.
I never really do fs blunts, this bench had a grove for ur wheels though so it made it a little easier....either way after a bunch of tries i got it..

Smith, one of my favorite tricks ever.
The sun was setting and this wall had really cool light on it...I did some 360 flips and then

I hit myself in the shin.


JIMMIE said...

Those benches are butter....Arkade is lame, Paul is a douche.

b rendan said...

that light IS amazing!