Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Friend Paul

I was just stressing out on my computer trying to finish up this video. Also, super bummed cause i missed Two Nine today (our holiday back home)..... And my super good friend Paul Wilkins gave me a ring. I havent talked to Paul in a couple years, he has had some ups and downs in life and is doing really well from what it seemed... It was great to hear his voice and reminisce about some old shit.

I met Paul the very 1st Day i moved back to VA. 1992 to be exact. The next day we went skateboarding and I met many of the same friends that i still call my best friends in the world today. Its sucks getting old. Seems like all the fun is going bye bye.

I stole this photo off of Rorys blog cause i havent seen Paul in a couple years. Thanks for calling !


Unknown said...
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Jacqueline Calderon said...

Hi Gab! I very radomly came across your blog and would love to connect with Paul. I knew him (and you!) in HS. On the slim chance that you get this can you email me? Thx! Jackie. Jacqueline.brown@gmail.com