Tuesday, July 29, 2008


July 26th marked the 2nd annual Neptune 500 in Encinitas. The rules. 2 people, 1 bike, 7 bars with drinks already poured. 1st team back wins. The winning team usually wins within 45 min. Its intense to say the least.

No big deal. Planes flying over the beach representing the Neptune.

These Aussys were freakin awesome. They did push ups all day and at one point drank 4 jager bombs in a row each.

Jardine and Aimee went as lesbian newlyweds. People all over Encinitas seriously thought they just got marrried. It was an alllll time costume. They won best costume, two years in a row.

The water polo dudes won the Neptune. The trophy was filled up with the grossest mix of drinks, ketchup, hot sauce...etc. Notice how Brent is up in this shot getting a drink for himself. We were kicked out of this bar about 2 min later.

I want to say thanks to Jordan and Lenny for putting on such an amazing event.

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