Friday, September 12, 2008

Premier Night#2_TWS

Joe, Corey, and Gary's premier was night was at some stationary wave place....It was a crazy place to have a premier but turned out really fun regardless...The best thing was the people surfing the wave that actually thought they were really really good? The ocean is one block away, i dont get it

Aweeee, corey and joe look so cute....nice work dudes.

Java looks so sophisticated drinking his cosmo. Must have been an open bar to be ordering drinks like this.
This was the stationary wave thing, this chick is pro
Joe and Lucas were playing sting was amazing

Pierre decided to watch the movie with Joes folks....they were awesome....pure new yorkers...their 1st question to me..."oh, your from DC, who are you voting for" Wow.

I think i was mad in this photo cause that is my brothers girlfriend kissing Joe,...akward?
Yes. I love this man. Who let this guy in?

Who didnt let this guy in?? This was some hammered club douche passed out on a random street corner? Rough night i guess.

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