Thursday, September 25, 2008

We didnt wanna see Ikea anymore.

Drew, Ellie and I went to Ikea. It sucked. We saw at least 10 pregnant Mormons under 25 and I bought a hot dog as usual.
Im fucking handsome and so is Drew

Also, Ellie had been looking for a new bedroom set. She found one!


Pierre Wikberg said...

I love Ikea. I go there a lot. Love the meatballs and the "bilar" candy.

Usually there are other hot swedes there too, but maybe not in Utah..

Keep Bush in office, with Palin as vice!

Emilee said...

Check it out Gabe. I blog stalked your ass and that means I win. You should email me those pictures right this very second. I have my own blog to keep up on. Look alive headband!

Emilee said...

I forgot to give you my email. So smart! Do it.