Monday, November 17, 2008

Im Bored, Lets go to Wimbledon

I cant remember if we had 2 days left at this point or 1. I think 1. Anyway...time for tourism....

Tower of London. Could have been wayyyy cooler if the moat was still there. They filled in the moat with grass. Nonetheless, a castle in downtown London is still pretty damn cool. Salt Lake City has a Cinderella Temple.
London Bridge part 2. The original one burned down. This one is still cool, especially with birds flying in from of it.

We happened to walk by Southbank. Its one of the more famous London skatespots. I dont wanna sound bitter, but after coming from Barcelona. This spot sucked. SO BAD. What you cant see is h0w bad the ground is. Giant cracks everywhere. Not one part of me wanted to skate here. Where is the pub?

London phone booths are rad. Why are there even phone booths anymore?As i said in a previous blog. The worst hotel i have ever stayed in. Thats a huge deal. The worst EVER. Look at this shithole. Its still ended up costing $90. For sure i got 5 diseases. London is not cheap
After waking up from a horrible night sleep we had nothing planned. Why not go to Wimbledon. After taking the train to the outskirts of town and walking a mile we came to Wimbledon. It cost 20lbs ($40) to go in. We decided to just walk by.
Grandpas and Grandmas love WimbledonAfter Wimbledon we got lost and ended up back at the "Bloody River Thames" (in a british accent)After getting lost in the English countryside, we finally found the train station. For some reason these electric boxes looked cool?


Pierre Wikberg said...

London is crazy spendy, can you imagine staying at a 4-5 star Radisson there?

Oh and read these:

Shayboarder said...

Love London! Yeah I had the same issues with hotel rooms...super small and beds set up like dorm room style, hostels were fun though especially ones above pubs.

Looks like you guys had a great trip, been awesome to follow it! Lucky!

martinboards said...

damn that was one hell of hotel room - hopefully a local bar made up for it

will i am said...

you're so cool. you're fat ankle would have been a bummer in spain....i look at it as karma for getting to travel to play skateboards in europe. utah spots were jealous and mellowed you out for thinking you could skate something real.

Irene said...

hi Gabe, it's Irene (from Barcelona). Hey, this has nothig to do with your posts, but that was the easiest way to contact you! Wooooow I saw your interview with Ed at and it was the first time I saw my name published in an interview... hehehe. Kiddin'... the real amazing thing was to see that you are thankful to us. Man you are soooooo welcome, it was such great fun to spend one night with you and Drew, (say hello to him please). I am very happy to have met you! And I beg you, please, give us a call if you ever come back to Barcey (hahaha, this is how americans call our city?)
Besides, nice interview!
Goodbye, take care!