Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Ok, listen to my night. We went to this bar to watch the game. Its across the street from the Delta Center(utah jazz stadium)...anyway in the end of the 3rd quarter of the Redskins game this guy comes up to us and asks us if anyone wants a ticket to metallica. they were playing across the street....so i went. alone. I snuck into the good seats....it was hilarious and sad at the same time. that band used to be so good. now they just kind of suck. they played a few old jams, ended with seek and destroy.....they didnt play sanatarium, for whom the bell tolls, 4 horsemen, or fade to black....

..some other jams:....everything off the black album (of course)...they played Master of Puppets, Battery, One....they played at least 5 new songs, all which suck...I dont know why everyone says the new metallica is good. its not.
These photos were with my phone, sorry they suck. 2mp.

This was were my actual seats were. nosebleed. The echo was so bad you couldnt hear a damn thing.
Metallica rolls with 13 semi's for their gear. Their carbon imprint is a little high id say.


drew fuller said...

your such a faggot... the show was the shit. you wouldnt know good music if it crawled up your ass, even though you would probably like it.

Danny Larsen said...

Finally! Someone else who thinks the new Metallica stuff is fucking shit. Same thing with G'N'R, I actually get pissed off when people say "yes, G'n'R is back!".
Metallica should stop having those meetings where they sit down and start a song writing session with "Sooooooo, what do kids listen to these days?".