Saturday, November 27, 2010

3 Filmers 3 photog's and 1 small jump

Last spring we had a super productive shoot in Flauchawinkl, Austria. Towards the end of the shoot it was getting so hot out that most of the features had disappeared and there were rivers running down the slopes. On this particular day everyone was trying to get as creative as they could to shoot the last jump which wasn't the most photogenic thing ever. Andro and Luka had a crane out. Blotto, Cyril, and Howzee were running around everywhere trying to get the shot and I was doing what a I could to make things interesting. It was a fun atmosphere and we ended up getting some pretty cool stuff.This was one angle that I really liked. Yea, I know its been done a million times, I still like it. Maurer, bs rodeo

Check out Andro's super good edit from the session:

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