Monday, November 1, 2010

Dodging Rain with Levi

This weekend I met up with some of the local SLC rippers to shoot a few skate images....One being this kid Levi Faust. Levi skates really well, good style, good pop. Unfortunately, day one turned into rain....we shot these couple of shots while warming up

I still cant figure out how to hi-speed sync my strobe to my 5d. Its rocket science apparently. The on-camera flash just couldn't quite hang.

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Stone said...

Don't feel bad. I squeezed detailed instructions from (name omitted) and still couldn't get that shit to work.
I've spent a good amount of money and way too much time, and apparently the hi-speed 5d sync is only possible with the proper voodoo blessings. And I'm not sure who to call for that.