Saturday, November 6, 2010

Its Not Everyday.....

You go to private Metallica show and stand 20ft from the stage....not a bad birthday.Runke had the biggest smile on his face the entire night. Honestly, the guy was sooooo stoked.
Kirk Hammit still rips...Metallica only played 2 new songs. Which means so many of the classics were played.

This was the 3rd time i've seen old ass Metallica and by far better than the last. Maybe not as good as the 1st (Lollapalooza, 1995) but still all time. Many thanks to SWE who hooked this up!!


Pamela said...

Happy Birthday!! I saw the great group plaid pic on Shaun's page. I'm sure you guys had a blast.

Terminal Velocity said...

You're blog never ceases to entertain, or make me green with envy. Looks like you had an awesome birthday Gabe.