Tuesday, July 17, 2007


We didnt have any problems finding our way back to the hotel....what is the world coming too?
The cars in Europe are completly amazing.... this car could easily fit into the bed of a F-350....or...can you imagine what would happen if and F-350 hit this poor little guy....I think my Harley is bigger that this...at least he found a spot!.
Danielle and I waited in line at the Vatican for 2 hours at least...This super annoying Chinese chick was talking for 2 hours straight really really loud next to us...it was soooo annoying....anyway....I like when the simplest photo comes out really cool...
We came across this road somewhere in the middle of Tuscany..I didnt get to see what was at the end.

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b rendan said...

Another one! The "road" picture is so good, Gabe!