Thursday, July 19, 2007

Telecine.Los Angeles

We went to LA yesterday to color correct our new film. It was soo made me wish i had gotten into Hollywood stuff when i was younger. My friend Laurel from college came and hung out.
On our way up we drove past Compton...I didnt see Dr.Dre or Ice Cube. I was bummed.
I did see the worst/best graff ever...I guess they have SAT in LA.
We sat in traffic for hours. Welcome to LA.
We finally got there.This is the Telecine/ color correction computer...its costs 2 million bucks. It was so worth it..It makes the digi blend with the 16 so much better. $350 an hour.


William said...

fartbarf....gotta love LA

Rory Part 2 said...

why didnt we ever use barf?

Jordan said...

Fartbarf. The only thing more funny would have been bloodfart.

b rendan said...

Can we re-edit all the old Hi-8 Berzerkers stuff on that Telecine? See if you can steal it.