Sunday, July 15, 2007

Last Day of Another Movie.

After a long season of traveling, filming, wetness, coldness, long drives, being away from girlfriend and pure fun we are on the verge of finishing another film...days like this always feel really good....except this damn intro is driving me crazy...imagine focusing on a project that looks like complete japanese..

Adobe After Effects is time consuming...this is the timeline for the intro of our film..
At this time of year its better to live in the office...this is my i said, its almost over.
These 2 dudes are my bosses..Pierre and Justin....they boss me around and tell me what to do..actually, its pretty even around here.....they both have edit set up's of their own....we had alot of fun this edit...the past 2 were not nearly this fun...probably because we were San Diego and not Lake Tahoe....Anyway, both these guys are on point.

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Jordan said...

Justin needs a chair with more back support.